The Flower of Life

Unknown to its origins and age. The Flower of Life is found in many countries all over the world. It’s sacred geometrical shape depicts the fundamental forms of all living things, space and time. It represents perfect form, proportion and harmony. It contains every known and unknown geometrical form from which all organic life is derived. It is within this symbol we derive inspiration to finding a cure to the aging process as we know the formula is hidden within.

Metatron's cube

A sacred geometrical pattern associated with the creation of all matter in shape size and is considered one of the building blocks of form.

The Egg of life

A structure adopted by the first 8 cells of human and biological form.

Geometry of particle physics

“The mathematics of quantum mechanics very accurately describes how our universe works. And it tells us our reality is continually branching into different possibilities, just like a coral.” 

- Garrett Lisi 

Mathematically plotted graph of E8 with the flower of life. overlayed.

The 8th Dimension

Please view this video in full screen mode while it depicts the 8th dimension in geometric form in motion. Carefully view its relation to the geometric patterns of the Flower of Life. Bloom Research Technology and Innovation (BRITE) continues to research this ancient symbol and unlocking its secrets to matter, molecular behavior and finding the cure to aging.

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